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There’s no doubt about it, volunteers are the backbone of our organization.

Without their  hard work and dedication to our cause, we would not be where we are today.  There are a variety of different opportunities available for people interested in becoming a volunteer for our organization from answering hotline calls to awareness activities and many other new and exciting endeavors we embark on.

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Planning for Safety In Domestic Violence 

1. Keep a spare set of keys, a set of clothes, important papers (birth certificates, social security cards, and medical cards), and prescriptions with someone you trust.

2. Keep any evidence of physical abuse such as ripped clothes and/or photos of injuries.

3. Plan the safest time to get away.

4. Know where you can go for help; tell someone what is happening to you.  Have the phone numbers of friends, relatives, and domestic violence programs with you.

5. Call 911 if you are in danger and need help.

6. If you are injured, go to the hospital emergency room or a doctor and report what has happened to you.  Ask that they document your visit.  A trained staff person from The Abuse Network can accompany you and review your options at those sites.

7. Consider involving your children in your safety plan.  Try to identify a safe place for them to go when violence occurs such as a neighbor's house. Reassure them that their job is to stay safe, not to protect you.

8. To alert a trusted neighbor to call 911, arrange in advance a special signal with them such as flashing the porch light.

9. Stay away from rooms where weapons are present.  Never lock yourself in a room with no escape route.  Try to move towards a door or window to get out and away from the violence.

10. Contact The Abuse Network's 24-Hour Hotline at (717) 242-2444 to find out about laws, shelter, and other resources available to you.  Collect calls are accepted.

The Abuse Network, Inc., as an organization, adheres to the following philosophies:

1. We respect every individual's right and responsibility to be self-determining and to make choices that are appropriate to her/his life.

2. We understand the ways in which society perpetuates gender roles and limits, in men and women, the expression of individuality and relationships. We attempt to educate individuals and the public in order to allow the expansion of human potential.

3. We are committed to obtaining participation within the agency from persons of varying backgrounds and experiences. We work to eliminate all forms of discrimination and oppression by examining our own biases and challenging others to do the same.

4. As an advocacy agency for victims/survivors of violence, we feel that it is our responsibility to act in a confidential and safe environment according to this philosophy statement.

5. We recognize the ways in which oppression and violence against women and children have been used as a means of control in our society serving to restrict and limit their activities. We see this as a continuum ranging from verbal comments to the extreme of assaults resulting in death.

6. In services to survivors of violence or abusive behavior(s), we view our recipients as victims of a situational distress and not as patients in need of treatment.

We work to empower the recipient at all times by providing a supportive, confidential, non-judgmental, and safe atmosphere in which the individual is free to make choices that will serve her/him best.

The Abuse Network provides educational programs in a variety of settings.  This includes, but is not limited to, schools, the workplace, and community organizations such as church or civic groups.

Presentations are tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the audience.  Program topics  include dynamics of sexual assault, domestic violence, healthy relationships, and domestic and sexual violence prevention.

Primary prevention education to change cultural norms about violence is a major focus of our prevention activities.

The agency also participates in local community events to raise awareness about the issues of sexual and domestic violence by offering promotional and educational materials to attendees.